CNC Routing and Carving

Woodworking-n-More will bring your vision to life. We have a fully equipped woodworking shop including a state of the art CNC router. We're able to generate custom, one of a kind items with precision and accuracy.

  • Beautiful Tribute Urns for you loved ones
  • Pet Urns
  • Family name signs
  • Military signs
  • Retirement signs
  • Bedroom signs
  • Business Logo signs
  • Carved images
  • Custom cut templates
    • Woodworking templates
    • Quilting templates
  • Custom cut 2 dimensional parts. Cut with computer accuracy and precision.

How It works:

Customer provides an image and/or text of what they want:

We generate a computer image of the carving:

Once approved we do the actual carving in material:
We have recently upgraded our CNC routing capabilities with a new machine. We can now make much larger carvings and machine much harder material including aluminum etc.
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